The advantage of online casinos

Virtual sites that offer gambling, a priori have a forum in front of the player. They are the owners of the software, they have an advantage due to mathematical expectation and a large turnover. The fact is that any combination, bringing the player a win, is paid less likely to win money. For example, in roulette, the chance of performing a certain number is 37 to 1. But the bet on a number is paid at the rate of 35 to 1. The casino automatically provides itself with profit due to this state of affairs. A similar principle is also used in slot machines.

About casino drums

As a rule, standard machines have 3 or 5 drums (a set of pictures that scroll on the screen during the game). Each of the reels contains several numerical values or symbols, which are lined up in a row when the system stops. If a winning combination falls out, the player receives money. And if the chance of a particular set appears is low, the payout will be higher than usual. The first machines of mechanical type had rotating drums, often – significant in size. Modern slots are electronic entertainment. However, in the first, and secondly, the win is dictated by the generation of random numbers.

The “stop” position

Old slot machines of “mechanics” type at delivery of a final combination are established in a position which is named stop. On the very first systems, the drums could freeze both on the symbol and the empty space between them. Such mechanisms had 10 stops per wheel. At that time, the chance of getting a specific sign on the drum was approximately the same.

Today the probability of falling out of a specific value can be different, and the number of stops has changed, now they are on the machine, on average, from 30 to 50. It is profitable for the casino to make more stops, because with their increase the probability of winning decreases (although its size increases). In addition, computer slots are able to change the values due to balancing algorithms.

Balancing system

A special balancing system helps to adjust the stop frequency of the drum in each position. When playing slots, where each reel has 10 symbols, one of which falls out only once in 100 spins, the chances of getting three of these values at once is 1/100 on 1/100, that is, 1 out of 1000000. Pure theoretically win for this combination can be colossal. For example, 1 million dollars at a rate of 1 dollar. And only in this way will the bet not seem unprofitable on a long distance. Due to such offers online casinos attract new players.

But the drums have other symbols. They fall out in half of all spins. Then the probability of getting three of these characters at once – 1 in 8. Provided that the payment for such a combination is 2 to 1, the casino gets a huge mathematical advantage, and the player – the illusion of frequent winning.

Nominal probability determination

The slot machines of our time are built in the so-called sheet of nominal determination of probability of appearance on the screen of each of the existing combinations. But they are selected in such a way that the casino had an advantage. Naturally, such sheets are kept under great secrecy, so that casino visitors do not know the exact percentage of payments for each slot. 

Determining payout percentages

The percentage of payments is a mathematical expectation of how much the system will give a player as a win over a long distance. If a particular machine is configured to issue 97% of payments over a long period of time, then the casino gets every 3 dollars from the drawn users 100 c.u. The actual percentage of payments, as a rule, is very different from expected. You can find a casino with good payouts here