How to get a job as a casino croupier

In this article, we will talk about how to get an interview to become a dealer of land or online casinos (if the latter provides for the presence of games with live dealers).

How to find the right job?

Many large casinos train their employees themselves. Courses are absolutely free. There are also such institutions that hire only experienced ones. The first option is suitable for enthusiasts who have decided to get a new profession. It is enough to successfully complete special courses, after which the best students start an internship or are immediately hired on a probationary period. If you have previously worked as a dealer in the best casinos, you need to pay attention to an institution that already needs qualified personnel. The best way to find such a job is to advertise on the official casino websites. You can also send your resume to the cities of those countries where you have long dreamed of visiting. If you want to find a job at a reliable online casino, you can try looking for open positions at

How to pass the interview for the position of croupier of casinos

If a potential employer has invited you to a meeting, be sure to check the information about the institution. It is possible that you may change your mind about working at the casino of your choice once you have checked in. If you do decide to go to an interview, the information you have will allow your employer to assess your intentions, willingness to learn and develop. It is also important to remember all your knowledge and skills in handling cards and chips.

How to dress for a casino interview?

The job of a dealer is to wear a uniform. Therefore, choose classical and conservative things that will hide your tastes and passions during the interview. Originality and extravagance in clothing during the interview for the position of croupier you do not need. The best casinos appreciate the brevity of their employees. Clothes are your face at the interview. The croupier should have a restrained and calm character. A casino is not the place where unrestrained and unbalanced people can work. Show with the help of appearance your resistance to stress, the ability to remain calm and attentive.

In addition to clothes, it is necessary to take care of other aspects that relate to the appearance. The dealer should be careful. If you have a piercing, remove it. Also cover all tattoos, if any. Any manifestation of a bright individuality will not do you any good. This also applies to dealers who work for proven online casinos. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, but it is desirable to know in advance. So, again, carefully study the casino, which you dream to get to work.

Behavior at the interview

Croupiers offline and online casinos should be friendly and polite. The more you smile, the better. You don’t have to advertise yourself too much, even if you’ve worked in Las Vegas before. Employers appreciate modest but sociable dealers. Let your experience be described in a resume, in which you can describe all your achievements in the field of gambling. And it is important to be a sociable, friendly and pleasant person at the interview.

Be sincere. Employers value honesty. In addition, many casino owners, by virtue of their professional activities, see the bluff well. Therefore, even a little deception can significantly spoil the impression about you. Most likely, at the interview you will need to demonstrate your practical skills. Therefore, practice before the meeting, and showing your capabilities, say hello to “casino clients”. Demonstrate your skills without rushing. It is better to act slowly but confidently and accurately.