Pala Casino Spa & Resort Announces a List of 12 Conciertos in the Starlight Theater

Pala Casino Spa & Resort anuncia una lista de 12 conciertos en el Starlight Theater, comenzando en junio. Y terminando en septiembre.

Los proximos conciertos en Pala Casino 2023 aparecen de artistas como The O’Jays, Twice As Good, Enigma Norteno y Paul Steward. La entrada solo sera para mayores de 21 anos.

1. The O’Jays

One of the most enduring and popular R&B groups, The O’Jays have continued to thrill fans across the US with energetic live performances. Their signature crooning style has been adapted to incorporate doo-wop, soul, disco, funk, and rap influences throughout the years.

The group originally formed as a quintet called the Triumphs in Canton, Ohio. They later changed their name to the Mascots before settling on The O’Jays in 1963, a tribute to Cleveland radio disc jockey Eddie O’Jay.

After a few lineup changes, the group signed to the Philadelphia International label with producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff in 1972. Their first million-seller, “Back Stabbers,” helped them become a major force in the music industry. The band continued to release albums in the 1970s, releasing numerous Top Ten hits and earning a Grammy Award nomination.

2. Twice As Good

The good people at pala have a knack for bringing in the big dogs when it comes to musical entertainment. Having welcomed the likes of Led Zepplin, Def Leppard and The Black Keys in the past, you can bet that they have their eye on another powerhouse in the making. Check out their upcoming concerts and see what they have in store for you before your next trip to the casino. You will be rewarded with a memorable evening. A cocktail in hand and a swag bag to boot is the perfect way to celebrate a successful evening out. The only downside is you might be a little too sloshy for your own good.

3. Enigma Norteno

Enigma Norteno is a regional Mexican group from Culiacan, Sinaloa that broke through stateside in 2010 with the hits “El Ondeado (M1)” and “Aunque Sea en Silencio (Cuatro Paredes). They have become an international success, placing their songs and albums on the charts and achieving hundreds of millions of views for their videos.

The band consists of four members: Ernesto Barajas Serrano [bass & vocals], Humberto Perez Parra [guitar & vocals], Jose Baldenegro Valdez [drums] and Federico Juarez Hernandez [accordion]. Their music has a unique blend of Latin, Nortena and rock styles.

4. Paul Steward

Paul Steward is the frontman of Twice As Good, a multi-award winning blues/R&B band which he co-founded with his father. They have released 8 albums and tour the world in various iterations.

The new CD from the North Bay wine country based Steward, aptly titled World Champion, is a fine example of a well thought out record and a top notch performance by the multi-instrumentalist. The title track is a razzle dazzle of a tune and there’s plenty of other gems in the mix. The most impressive cut is the Pomo music homage of a Southeastern dialect song called the “Myanik Xe (Beautiful Music)”. It is the first commercial release and is pretty cool to boot.

5. Switchfoot

Switchfoot has become a major name in the rock music scene. Their 2003 album, The Beautiful Letdown, featured the hit songs “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move.”

Since then, the band has won numerous awards including eleven GMA Dove Awards and twelve San Diego Music Awards. The group’s latest album, Where the Light Shines Through, is their most popular release to date.

Despite their level of fame and success, Switchfoot remains committed to their Christian roots. In 2008, they got involved in a musical movement to help raise awareness about the modern-day slavery and human trafficking that plagues the United States.

6. Mariachi Divas

A unique, all female mariachi ensemble imbued with the true flavor of Los Angeles, Mariachi Divas consists of 13 women representing different ethnic backgrounds ranging from Japanese, Samoan and Swiss to Mexican, Colombian, Panamanian and Latin American.

The group’s music is infused with Cuban rhythms, classical violin intros and jazz-influenced flute solos. The group also brings a fresh new twist to traditional mariachi by infusing its songs with the high-powered energy of American and Latin rock.

While many other casinos in the region have pared down their entertainment offerings or stayed quiet over the last year amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Pala Casino Spa & Resort appears poised to become the first San Diego-area venue to present concerts since the outbreak. It has already announced an initial slate of 12 “social distancing”-compliant concerts, including a June 28 performance by singer Trish Toledo and a September 6 appearance by Mariachi Divas.